Thursday, 20 December 2012

Let's Work Together!

Thursday 20th December, 2012

This is definitely the last word from least in this consider that an early Christmas present, hah-hah!
Speaking of which, I was reunited with my Felt last night in the fine surroundings of Gatwick's North Terminal, and let me tell you folks it has rarely looked finer. Well worth the 550 mile round trip- and let me also tell you that the M25 has rarely looked more alluring, especially at 2mph- to be able to take delivery of my early Christmas present!

"It's Christmas!!!"

A big thank-you to Jim Alrain and his mate who packed the bike up so well and carted it with them: it arrived in the same condition as when I finished the Alpe d'Huez TT: remember this?

Anyway, aside from that result I was sent a charming 'thank you' letter from the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity. Not quite so much/anything at all from the North West Air Ambulance folk but I know that we raised £1600 for them, so bravo!

I want to share their heartfelt gratitude with you folk who actually put their hands in i.e. you chisellers, so well done and good on you!

Ok, so it is almost time to start another blog for another adventure...The Italian Job 2013 !



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  1. Great stuff Simon. Good on you! Oh, and Merry Chrimbo!