Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Far From Ugly

Loved being handed this envelope containing a donation from Matt, one of our bird control gurus at work today:

Gonna be a lean, lean Christmas in the Matt household...good on you!

Didn't love checking on the forecast for the kick-off on Sunday morning:

Sooooo...13% in 90f? For the love of...

Called in at Halfords (yeah I know, I error) to ask if they had any spare foam frame-protectors before I pack up the Felt. Of course they hadn't, but they had just taken delivery of some blank looks and mumbling. Mind you, they did also have:

Do your own captions. Cue a 'Sid James laugh'/Harold Steptoe 'Oh Faaver, you diirty old man!'.

We're closing in on £2K for L.L.R. and almost at £1K for the Air Ambulance...thanks to you!