Monday, 20 August 2012

Ghost Town

Monday 20th August: day two, Megeve to Courchevel 1850

So we find ourselves on 'Team-kit Monday', hence the mildly embarrassing photo from the start this morning...

Spoiler: this photo contains only one proper cyclist. He's the one at the end. No, the other end. (L-R) Me, Mark, David, Andy, Andy Fla, Martin and Matt.

Team Lanterne Rouge suitably relaxed before the off/enduring the organisers' excruciating choice of music!

Day two's walk in the park...
Regulation blue skies. Swiss law apparently. Like.

Start of the first climb today, the Col de Saise. Ropey, but do-able. Fast, fast descent on the other side. The Tractor clocked 56.5 mph! Unreal...but totally believable even allowing for Garmin, hah-hah!

Rare shot of me taking a turn at the front for as short as is possible. Fact.

The photo above was taken not far into the 13 mile climb up to Courchevel 1850 which is where we finished: it is a guy who is an amputee, both left arm and leg who is riding the same stuff that we are. A bit humbling, and then some.

Hopefully toll free and perhaps ABBA's greatest work.

Was slightly pleased to see this beauty, because it meant this...

500m to go until...

Marinate for six hours.

That water was as cold as ice, but felt fantastic: a tough day again but nowhere near the shoeing that awaits tomorrow. 5.30am alarm...which is nice!

'Ghost Town'? Well, two reasons since you ask:

1) It's my blog and I love The Specials, and

2) Ever tried to find a restaurant that's open in off-season ski-resort?

That said, we did ok as it goes and had our first decent food. Result!


  1. Keep it up Simon, love reading the blog. I can honestly say I'd be able to do the downhill bits no problem, it's just the uphill bits I'd struggle with...


  2. Cheers Dave!
    I have only just seen this comment...two weeks late. Appreciated the encouragement mate!