Monday, 18 June 2012

Over The Hill

Exactly eight weeks until the off and I eventually get around to riding my second 100-miler of 2012...this time last year I had done over 40 of them. Think it would be safe to say that a bit of fear, if not actual panic has set in, hah-hah-hah!

Yesterday's century was the 'Spud Riley 100/ Polkadot Challenge': an event that I haven't ridden before but whoever planned the route deserves a pint and a pat on the back- it was fantastic for the most part...excepting the first wet'n'miserable 15 miles, but I dare say ordering up the weather is a tall order.

The route of the 'Spud Riley Memorial 100'

I was (almost) keen to ride this event because it features just over 10000' of climbing over the century of miles, so it meets my rule of thumb: if you are gaining 1000' for every 10 miles you will know about it!

The other reason was that it is organised by a local cycling club on a non-profit basis so that 50% of your entrance fee goes to Christies Hospital in order to honour the memory of 'Spud' Riley, who gave a lot to cycling in the North West.
This guy was also a craftsman in building and joinery he was given the job of recruiting and overseeing the labour for the construction of the Manchester Velodrome. Blimey!
I'm sorry to say that Mr. Riley succumbed to Leukaemia, hence the memorial nature of this annual event which has so far raised close to £100000 for Christies.

Plus the event started (and finished) about 200 yards from BAE Woodford aka  The Artist Formerly Known As The Centre of Excellence, ahem). Quite what that has to do with anything is anyone's guess, to be fair.

The other unfortunate coincidence charity-wise happened after about 35 miles or so. On exiting from a T junction a cyclist was struck by a motorbike which broke his bicycle in half and sent the guy 20 feet up and the biker also went skidding down the road.
I rode past the scene about 10 minutes after it happened and it was pretty grim with all three emergency services attending. About 5 minutes later I looked across the valley to see the Air Ambulance finding a spot to land. No word on either party as yet, but the quick response of the helicopter and it's crew can only have helped.
**Update here: both parties airlifted to different hospitals...serious condition**

If you can spare a couple of quid to help fight leukaemia please click this link, or to help the North West Air Ambulance to keep saving lives then this is where you should look!

Although it pains me to type it, for every £500 raised I will put in £100...

Looks like Bailey can rest easy...

Find me a prettier route. Go on then!

Not likely. It was a tad chilly.

MR2 knob-head fumes
whilst dinner is herded.
I was glad of the 15 minute break.
Find me a drier route. Go on then!

Move along...nothing to see here...

                                         'Over The Hill' - Edwyn Collins

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